Battery Chargers for AGV, Robots, Electric Vehicles, etc.

Charger for AGV/Robots/Electric vehicles
bettery capacity

Contact Charger


Optimal charging characteristics to match the battery.


Charging control circuitry provides optimal charging and protection operation.

Operation Monitor

Equipped with a display operation panel to show the operating status.


Voltage is measured in the immediate vicinity of the charging target to improve voltage accuracy.
*Compatible only with quick chargers.

Charging setting

Charging characteristic settings can be switched by signal input.
*Only supported by quick chargers.

Compact battery charger

Rapid charger

Compact battery charger

Model K22-157C024-201 K22-157C048-401 K22-211C024-208 K22-211C048-403
Methods Charging Methods Combination of constant voltage/constant current
Control Method Inverter control method
Input Phase
Frequency 50/60Hz ±5% max.
Rated Voltage AC100~240V
Rated Current※1 AC 6.7A AC 13.4A
Capacity※1 670VA 1.34kVA
Output Rated Voltage DC 28.6V DC 57.2V DC 28.6V DC 57.2V
Rated Current DC 20A DC 10A DC 40A DC 20A
Battery Type Lithium ion
Weight Approx. 3.5kg Approx. 4.3kg
Dimensions 135(W)×425.5(D)×140(H)mm 135(W)×445.5(D)×140(H)mm
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 40℃
Communication I/O by open collector

Rapid charger

Model K29-254C068-504※2 K29-311C068-514※2 K29-316C068-513※2
Model Charging Methods Combination of constant voltage/constant current (factory setting)
Control Method 3-phase transformer + step-down chopper control method
Input Phase
Frequency 50/60Hz ±5%以内
Rated Voltage AC 200/ 220V
Rated Current※1 AC 19A AC 39A AC 55A
Capacity※1 6.5kVA 12.1kVA 19.5kVA
Output Rated Voltage DC 24~68V(Factory default: DC68V )
Rated Current DC 8~80A(Factory default: DC80V ) DC 16~160A(Factory default: DC160V ) DC 24~240A(Factory default: DC240V )
Battery Type Lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries, capacitors
Weight Approx. 70kg Approx. 160kg Approx. 200kg
Dimensions 245(W)×440(D)×600(H)mm 470(W)×440(D)×643(H)mm 500(W)×540(D)×820(H)mm
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 40℃
Communication I/O by open collector

1: At rated input/output. 2 User-set functions are supported.

Wireless Charger

Wireless Charging System to support hands-free operation of Electric Robots and AGVs.

Easier design and modification of AGVs and robots.

  • Compact and lightweight design enables installation in small vehicles(Compatible with low profile AGVs)
  • Highly resistant to misalignment.
  • Up to 78% efficiency in energy transmission.
  • Compatible with a wide range of battery. (Values can be changed with dedicated software)
  • A single charging pad can be used for a vast number of different vehicles.
  • Flexible and easy integration without infrastructure changes.
  • Wear parts, damage caused by improper use and problems caused by contamination all become things of the past.

Safety & Security

  • AGV is charged only when charging PAD is detected.(Power transmission output is available only when transmitter and receiver are paired.)
  • When an abnormality is detected, charging is stopped to protect the device and battery.(both receiving and transmitting side)

Reliability and track record

  • Utilization of know-how cultivated through contact-type chargers
  • Expansion of wireless product lineup
AGV electric robots wireless charger AGV electric robots Power receiving unit coils


Power Transmission Unit
Input phase
Input Frequency 50/60Hz ±5% max.
Rated Input Voltage AC 200 ~ 240V
Input Voltage fluctuations AC 180 ~ 264V
Rated Input Current AC 6.5A
Capacity 1300VA
Power factor※1 Above 0.9
Weight 3.5kg
Dimensions 175(W)×290(D)×90(H)mm
Power Transmission Coil Unit
Weight 2.5kg
Dimensions 130(W)×200(D)×45(H)mm
Power Receiving Unit
Charging Methods Combination of constant voltage/constant current
Rated Output Voltage DC 30V
Voltage Range DC 24 ~ 30V
Rated Output Current DC 33.5A
Current Range DC 10 ~ 33.5A
Normal Rated Power(NRP) 1kW
Weight 2.8kg
Dimensions 155(W)×300(D)×82(H)mm
Power Receiving Coil Unit
Weight 1.6kg
Dimensions 100(W)×190(D)×45(H)mm
Storage Battery Type Lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries
Voltage Range DC 16 ~30V

*1. The above values are for rated input/output.